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Explore the officeLINE50 profile lighting system – the solution for perfect, efficient, and glare-free illumination for your workplace!

officeLINE50... a new level of elegance and efficiency with our 50mm wide officeLINE50 profile lighting system, equipped with a high-quality faceted BAP grid. Our profile luminaire combines stylish design with top-notch functionality. The slim 50mm profile not only offers a modern aesthetic but also impressive lighting performance thanks to the high-quality faceted BAP grid. Immerse yourself in a world of precise illumination and refined optics. The faceted BAP grid ensures even light distribution while highlighting the appealing design. Every detail has been carefully designed to deliver not only efficient but also aesthetically pleasing lighting. Installation is straightforward, and the system's versatility allows for flexible adjustments to meet the individual requirements of your project. Experience the perfect fusion of elegance and performance with our officeLINE50.

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